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BZAAR – Cross Border E-Commerce



BZAAR was established in 2020 to help small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) the ability to digitally buy wholesale products from South and South-East Asia for cross border e-commerce.

These countries were not accessible to small buyers due to a lack of infrastructure and the offline nature of doing business. There were no digital alternatives and no online platforms for SMBs to discover trusted sellers and assistance along their buying journey.


The major challenge was to build a cross border e-commerce platform from the ground up for BZAAR. It should handle real-time transactions and inventory management. Besides, dynamically need to change the experience of different pages and handles the customer experience in different user-flows. Supply chain, demand development, fulfillment, order management, and post-order processes all require specific systems and procedures.

Once the platform is ready, the major challenge was to attract more visitors to BZAAR website and urge them to make purchases. The ease in navigation, search, transactions etc. should work flawlessly for better user experience, higher conversion rates, and revenue. Moreover, in this era of technology, visitors are most likely to access website from their mobile devices. So, the website should be also responsive accordingly.

How we helped BZAAR

Content Management System

CeeGees helped our partner BZAAR in building a cross border wholesale e-commerce platform from the scratch. We implemented the system in such a way to make it more intuitive to it’s consumers. Used WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to dynamically change the experience of different pages. This also handles the customer experience in different user-flows.

Home Page
Listing Page
Product Details Page
Order Management and Marketing

When comes to the operational side, helped in setting up inventory management using a basic tool, like spreadsheet. FreshDesk integration for managing orders and post-order processes. Later, which was upgraded to an ERPNext system for these purposes. Also, integrated MailChimp email marketing service to make ops life easier to send updates on orders, targeted advertising, and email marketing etc.


We also implemented instrumentation to handle and integrate with different marketing pipelines by generating business intelligence dashboards from different data sources. Using services like Google Analytics, Hotjar etc. we could understand the user behavior analytics. It helped in tracking where the users are facing difficulties and more drop rates are coming. Hence, we could provide better solutions and also, to implement new data-driven features. Services like chat-bot and HubSpot forms implementation played an important role in customer satisfaction through immediate assistance.

UNBXD Search and Recommendations

Search was one major area which we helped to improve by integrating Unbxd search. It offers advanced search capabilities, personalization, and relevant product recommendations. The implementation process involved integrating Unbxd’s search API and customizing the search experience based on the website’s specific needs. After the implementation of Unbxd Search, the website saw significant improvements in user engagement, conversion rates, and revenue. The personalized search results and product recommendations led to higher click-through rates and increased product views, resulting in more successful purchases.

Cart & Checkout transitions

Above all, we provided better UI & UX as it’s the ultimate goal when it comes to customer satisfaction. Improved Cart and Checkout experiences are something which is most important in any e-commerce system. We could deliver a smooth transition across these pages as per the customer requirements.

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