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The early years of a child’s life are a period of fast neurological, social, and behavioural development. According to a number of scientific studies. To lay a firmer basis for the child’s future development, it is crucial to support this early development. Parentwise works to improve the quality of this connection. By empowering parents and other caregivers with the information, abilities, and confidence to support their children’s early development.

What we did

By offering the appropriate set of tools for discovery, delivery, and a positive experience for parents and caregivers. Ceegees assisted our partner in fulfilling this purpose.

How we helped ParentWise

CeeGees helped our partner NTUC in building the ParentWise website. We used WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) to dynamically change the content for different article types. The front-end of the website is built using Gatsby, an open-source static site generator built on top of Node.js using React and GraphQL. Also the backend for the website is built on NestJs, a framework that helps build Node JS server-side applications.

The website provides various custom article types for the parents and caregivers to read. To cater to this need we created custom post types making use of advanced custom fields based on the requirement of each article types. The content editors could easily add the content on the CMS for various post types and publish them to the website by triggering the deployment from the CMS.

Super Honestly articles
WiseTips / Core Findings articles

We also provided the support to update the contents for various pages and sections for the website so that the content editors/admin could make the updates to the website without making the code changes.