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Educational ERP Software

We built a school management ERP that integrates several workflows for managing classes, students, transportation, student health, courses, and payments. A parent mobile app for the website exists. 

What we did

Ceegees collaborated with the Customer team to create an ERP with a golang backend for desktop and mobile devices. Additionally, assisted with the data migration from the old database to the new system. For a seamless operation of the system in the event of exceptions. Ceegees also worked on the technical and data patching parts of the Customer Success Strategy.

Added support for multiple school chains each having different number of centres.

What we have now:

We have 3 websites, 4 mobile apps and 1 TV app.

Portals – Staff portal, parent portal and EP (Enrichment Programs). We are using reactjs for the FE and golang for the BE.

Staff portal

This one is to manage all the school related modules like child registration and management, class management, user management, etc. All these modules have role based access and we have master data for this staff roles like principal, teacher, support role, etc. All the staff will have a user id and password to login to this portal. We have separate staff portals for each school.

Parent portal

This one is to manage all the child related modules and mostly parents will login to this portal using their username/emailid and password. But staff can also login to this portal. Parents will have access to a limited set of modules, mostly child related. We have separate parent portals for each school.

EP portal

This is to manage the child enrichment programs. Schools prioritise creating joyful learning experiences and fostering holistic development for kids. We can introduce a range of high-quality enrichment programmes designed to supplement the core curriculum.
These classes, provide an opportunity for children to learn in a familiar setting. Alongside their schoolmates, making the experience both enjoyable and enriching. The diverse programmes cover areas such as STEAM exploration. Language and literacy development, creative arts, and physical fitness, ensuring comprehensive growth.

Mobile Apps

Parent app – Just like parent portal we have mobile app for managing and viewing child related modules like check in – check out, announcement, attendance, finance, etc. We have separate apps for each school. Parent can install the app and use. We have both ios and android app for the parents

Guardian app – This one is only for the child guardians like grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc. Guardians doesn’t have access to all the child related modules. Will have separate apps for ios and android.

Staff app – This is just a mobile app version of the staff portal where staff can login to the app and view all the daily activities. All the attendance modules are managed in the staff app that includes both staff and children. We have ios and android version of the staff app.

Kiosk app – This is an iPad app, only on iOS version and is used in the centre to do all the attendance activities like check-in/check-out and health (both staff and children). Only few roles can access to this kiosk app.

TV app

VPS app – This is an apple tv app which is used to show all the child attendance records(check-in/check-out) for the current day. Only few staff users can sign in to this app mostly principals and kiosk access role.